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IT Pack is an online community powered by EFM events that delivers the energy and knowledge of an IT symposium. It is a destination that provides the opportunity to share strategies, exchange ideas and experience industry-leading educational opportunities. We believe in giving back. Our mission is to support the connection and development of the next generation of IT leaders to grow into the future.

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About IT Pack

IT Pack powered by EFM Events is an online community created solely for IT Professionals. This membership-based community provides exclusive real-world content from CIOs and IT leaders from across the United States. In addition to the educational content, our subscribers can engage with one another by:

  • Utilizing the “Ask the pack” feature to pose questions to the entire community
  • Joining groups of your interest to have in-depth conversations around topics or are interested in connecting
  • Signing up for continuing education through St. Louis University at a discounted rate

Our goal at IT Pack is to provide quality content without the distraction of vendors and advertisers. With IT Pack, you will not see any pop-up ads, your information will not be data mined for sales purposes, and your contact information will never be sold. Instead, your membership fees pay for everything.

Plus, for every paid annual membership, IT Pack will donate $50 back to fund local IT initiatives. Together, we will make a difference.

Powered by EFM Events, IT Pack will bring the energy and content of our events online. The series of EFM events attract over 8,000 IT leaders in 31 cities and 28 states. IT Pack provides an opportunity for EFM Event attendees to come together to connect and grow their networks exponentially. IT Pack is now extending this opportunity across the entire United States to allow IT leaders everywhere a chance to grow personally and professionally with the help of one another. Don’t be a lone wolf, as a pack – we’re all stronger!

The most powerful way to collaborate is still, face to face, in a room with your peers. There is absolutely nothing that will ever replace that. The goal of IT Pack is to reach additional people who may not be in these local groups and help them grow. IT Pack will also help fund the wonderful things these local groups are passionate about. Together, we can truly make a difference!