The New Water Cooler

Due to the new work from home implementation, many people have found it simple to keep in touch with their direct team.....but how have you kept in touch with the rest of your workforce?

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In this short interview, Gary Peyton interviews Scott King, Director of IT for MRIGlobal about how they've created a unique way to keep in touch with their coworkers.  

Gary Peyton

President, IT Pack

Co-Founder of EFM, Inc. 19 years ago. We now have 31 events in 28 states that reach over 8,000 IT Executives. The Symposiums do a great job helping to connect executives locally. It has a been a wish of mine to be able to connect people across state lines and allow everyone to learn from others experiences. This is what IT Pack will do. We want to make difference and leave a legacy of helping people across the U.S. IT Pack will allow us do that.
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12 months ago

This is great, I also am a Director in IT for a medical non profit. We also had to quickly pivot to work from home and its been well here too. Our IT department alone are 650 people and total staff is 27,000. We had the right tools in place but everyone was unfamiliar with the tools and it took a lot from our IT Service desk that also was themselves adapting to work from home.