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IT IMPACKT is a virtual event that will bring attendees together from all over the US. This is not another virtual meeting. This is a high quality, professional, production, and an impactful event both attendees and sponsors alike will enjoy. Register today:

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EFM Event alumni from all over the country, as well as the members of IT Pack, represent almost 9,000 IT Executives.  This event series will bring high profile keynotes and CIO/CEO content forward that attendees will be able to enjoy.  Sponsors will have the opportunity to interact with attendees throughout this quick hitting event.  Attendees will enjoy the opportunity to make connections outside of their community and continue those conversations in IT Pack.  Join us on October 20, 2020!


1. A high-quality, 4-hour event that doesn’t waste time regurgitating the same talking points we’ve all heard

2.  Actual interaction with peers, giving the opportunity to collaborate throughout the entire event

3.  A national perspective, with keynote speakers you may not have access to in a regional event


IT Departments across the world were very instrumental in helping companies make it through this disruption we have been in.  How do we capitalize on this and further innovate?  The 1st IT IMPACKT event will address:

- IT Departments continuing a leadership role in the company - Blazing new ground daily

- Keeping remote workers engaged as part of the team 

- Executing Innovation from the disruption 

- Continuing further down the digital innovation path. 

- Cutting cost and re-investing in innovation

- Positioning IT as a true partner in every possible way 

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