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Employee Engagement Series - ep. 2

IT Pack's Gary Peyton is joined with Laura Walsh, VP & CIO of Carlisle Companies for part 2 of her presentation on employee engagement.

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Jo Burkholder 8 months ago

The issue of pay equity is also important, not just whether it is comparable to competitors.  Who can trust an employer who says they value you and value diversity, yet compensate women less than men or offer more opportunities to some than others.

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Jo Burkholder 8 months ago

I would also add that if you want to diversif your leadership pipeline, if you are serious about that, then you support more than just your "high potential" employees with access to quality leadershiup development training and support.  Some folks seem to naturally have "high potential,"  but it is a little like being a "good test taker."  That "natural" ability is the result of trainign and conditioning along with a certain fit of personality in specific circumstances.  Diverse leadership will lead to better, more humane decisions that better serve employees and clients, but to get there we have to think more broadly about "potential" and support more people to develop it.