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Challenges On The IT Side of Healthcare With CIO of Technology, MS Medical Centers

Join us in a timely discussion with University of Mississippi Medical Centers CIO-Technology Kevin Yearick, responding to mission critical challenges facing the IT side of healthcare.

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Jana Branham 11 months ago

I really appreciated hearing this interview with Kevin.  This has been a business continuity event rather than a Disaster Recovery one.  There is no building, data center or data loss.  BC is usually the activity that never gets done beyond the actual DR plans that IT implements.  Every organization had to quickly step up and respond for workers to work remotely, for those who could work from home.  Our organization is planning on eliminating desktops totally in order for the worker to work from home on the occasion they need to.  The workers have been exposed to new tools they never used before. I predict they will discover the productivity of these tools in their normal day to day and ask to work from home more often.  The adoption of the new toolsets will be a goal achieved for IT, without even trying.  Aircards for workers who have limited internet or none at all will be an item we keep more of in the future.  Thanks EFM for creating this space to share information.  Jana Branham, CIO, Ergon, Inc. Jackson, MS

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Kevin 11 months ago

Exactly what Jana said.  :)