Bob Tipton

CEO and Principal Change Architect, Team Tipton (R S Tipton, PBC, a certified B Corporation)
  • Team Tipton (R S Tipton, PBC, a certified B Corporation)
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About Bob Tipton

I am a high-energy, innovative, and insightful transformational change architect, leadership facilitator, keynote speaker, and author who is passionate about helping individuals, groups and entire organizations reach for and achieve exceptional results. While I'm currently CEO and principal change architect for Team Tipton, I'm also a former CIO/CTO who has written four books related to transformational change and disruptive strategy. I'd love to speak for you or your company!





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What Happened When I Stopped Using the Word “Busy”

What if I told you that you could be more relaxed, more focused, more calm – and actually discover more time in your day – without using any drugs, alcohol, counseling, diet, exercise program or mediation technique? Would you believe me?

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