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Bob Tipton

President and CEO, R S Tipton, PBC
  • R S Tipton, PBC
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About Bob Tipton

Bob Tipton is a high-energy, innovative, and insightful transformational change architect, leadership facilitator, keynote speaker, and author who is passionate about helping individuals, groups and entire organizations reach for and achieve exceptional results.

INDUSTRY PREFERENCES: While the need for transformational change exists everywhere it seems, he specializes in five primary industries:
1) GOVERNMENT (local, state, federal);
2) UTILITIES (water-related primarily);
3) EDUCATION (K-12, higher-ed);
4) HEALTHCARE (provider-based) and

These industries tend to be institutionalized and bureaucratic — and some may say among the most difficult in which to make change “really” happen. However, he disagrees. Each of these industries also shares a common bond — the desire to serve people. It’s this “kernel” of serving the greater good that he works to reignite, to wake from hibernation, to leverage in helping these organizations move toward greatness in what they do. Call him naive, call him delusional — it matters not — he LOVES to serve these industries and help them remember the power and joy in what they do.

WORK HISTORY: In his career to this point, he has been CEO / Principal Change Architect for R S Tipton, PBC (Team Tipton), CEO of an IT-related professional services firm, CIO of a $1B+ distribution company, VP / managing director for the integrated marketing group for a major online agency, VP of corporate capabilities and communications for a significant professional services firm, SVP of a major technology, strategy and creative company, Global vice president of industry technology for a major technology consulting firm, and CTO of a significant IT consulting company.

SPEAKING: He’s also a popular and entertaining speaker; speaking each year to several international business groups, seminars, conventions, and conferences around the world. He speaks most frequently on the topics of:
1) Transformational Change;
2) Leadership;
3) Strategy; and
4) Organizational Development.

WRITER / AUTHOR: Additionally, he’s an active writer and author. He has written three books, What’s Right, not Who’s Right – A Simple Shift to End the World’s Madness, JUMP! – Get Unstuck, Extraordinary Life Breakthroughs Using Innovative Change, Untangling IT: 25 Years of Lessons in Effective IT Leadership, he has written more than 300 articles for various business and IT-related publications, he wrote a book related to database implementations, he wrote a chapter for IBM’s book The Business Case for e-Business, he has written more than 20 white papers related to organizational effectiveness issues (more than 500,000 copies distributed worldwide), and he has received numerous awards for his writing (including the Award of Achievement and Award of Merit) from the Society for Technical Communications.

CONNECTIONS: Finally, he is a past president of the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP), a former instructor for the University of California, Irvine, and a current professional member of the National Speakers Association.





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