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What's the New Normal?

Started 7 months ago

Interesting article from MIT on what our new normal could like: We're Not Going Back to Normal

How do we align the sharing of COVID-19 health information with the regulatory requirements on not sharing personal information and allowing people to opt out of companies retaining personal information? What are the implications to the data you're storing about your clients and employees?

What issues/actions are you taking in the planning to get your company to a new normal?  What is your new normal going to be - will desks be farther apart; will you require masks in the office; will you provide the masks; what is your HR policy for employees who don't feel safe coming into work; will you ask for COVID-19 status; will you take temperatures;  what will your policy be on business travel and conferences; what is your response if an employee tests positive once you're back at work; and the list goes on...

The world is definitely getting more complex.