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Work at home or in the office?

Started about 1 year ago

Due to necessity there's been a huge increase in people working from home.  This means that investments in technology that lacked support previously have been made and at likely higher total cost than originally recommended.  Technology companies are responding with new features - see article on Microsoft's Team's new features:  Microsoft Teams Boosts Work From Home Effort  

When we finally get back to "normal" what will our new working environment look like?  Now that we know we can work from home, will we want to go back to the office?  With the investment in technology, does it make sense to push for a major return to the office?  Will we look to reduce our office square footage instead?


Now that many companies were forced to work from home in an accelerated manner, many companies will take advantage of the successes and reduce the office footprint where they can.  Move from spacious cubicles to more hotel style environments where resources will reserve space when in the office (possibly 1-2 per week).  This should also spark preparedeness measures for the next pandemic and force changes in contracts and investments where there was previously none.

That is absolutely correct Jason.  We, at Our Daily Bread Ministries, are running out of space for our IS team and drafted a plan to allow our developers to work from home for most of the week to reduce our footprint in the office.  We are about to create a couple of shared Desks that work on first come first serve bases.  Then the COVID-19 hit and we immediately moved everybody to the home office approach.  Interestingly enough, some of the folks realized that working from home is not for them whereas others are blooming in this environment.  So, we will introduce that new policy once this is over on a voluntary basis.

Do either of your companies have activities underway to look at reducing the physical footprint?