What is your organizational model for a successful Data Governance operation?

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Carl Sarrazolla on Oct 14, 2019 • 3 answer
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Looking for others have organized their data governance programs. We're just getting started and have identified business data owners/stewards but now need an overarching organization to support and manage. Currently the responsibility for this is under IT Architecture here.


We might only be a step or two ahead of you on this endeavor at KCS. I would say we will have a decentralized/matrixed organization. We also will have the data stewards in the business. The overall governance will be managed as part of enterprise architecture group. I do not think we will have a data steward/governance "king" in the EA group. It looks like between the data architect role and others in the EA group it will be a group governance, with it rolling up to the CTO.

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Gary Hassenstab on Oct 14, 2019
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Great Question Carl. I believe the best answer depends on the maturity level of the organization and the willingness to get the right people involved. During my tenure we had no less than four runs at trying to build a meaningful and sustainable governance team. But eventually we got to a model that worked. Since you are just starting out, education to all will be a key factor to success. What are the roles and commitments within the governance framework? While I believe the Technology Group has the best chance to begin this dialog, the key business partners are essential to having a great model and view into the future. Executive level sponsorship is also essential to establish importance. I would setup your principle data architect and DBAs at the center and then align your business partners around the center to collect the essential data elements of your business These folks will likely only be able to tell you how they use the information themselves. The added value comes when you can link the business model together and show them how to extract more powerful insights and analytics. I did a brief search online and found dozens of models to reference from the simple to the very elaborate. Only you are going to be able to judge which model will best fit and be accepted by your organization. Good luck in your journey and kudos to you and your team for moving this forward.

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Dave Robinson on Oct 14, 2019
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We have a formal department right now (one leader and 2 or 3 analysts). They report through General Counsel and dotted line to Enterprise Risk. Executive sponsorship has allowed them to be very effective and bringing change. They have good relationships with corporate communication (for messaging) and IT (for execution). In just two years they have had great success (as well as enjoying success brought on by changing toolsets (O365 and OneDrive vs unregulated fileshares).

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Eric Herbert on Oct 30, 2019
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