If you were interviewing a CIO who has built a world class service culture and completely changed the narrative about IT, what would you ask him? Send me your question or join this webinar and ask yourself: https://www.ouellette-online.com/webinars.html

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Dan Roberts on May 08, 2020 • 8 answer
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Rumor has it people who submit a question that is read during my webinars received signed copies of my books!


How did you create a vision that changed your culture so significantly?

What were the three most important goals that impacted your culture?

What are the five most important key performance indicators that tell you that your organization is world class?

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Thomas Olson on May 08, 2020
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How did you determine and define the current state culture - how did you know you really knew your baseline culture? Then how did you determine that gap to the desired culture? And then determine the order of attack to change the right aspects of the culture in the right order?

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Gary Hassenstab on May 08, 2020
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* How would you translate your excellence from your current position to my company? What skills will you use and what skills do you feel you will have to build here?
* Tell me the story behind one of your epic failures

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Chirag Shukla on May 08, 2020
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How did you change IT from something that is looked at as overhead cost to a value added part of the business?

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Shawn Hickey on May 09, 2020
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How did you manage to get IT a seat at the table?

How did you use data along with Objectives and Key Results to shape the company's culture and strategy

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Gautham Pallapa on May 11, 2020
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How did you go about selling your vision of service to create buy in. Also how do you incorporate innovation into the culture in order to anticipate and lead change?

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Kevin Balsbaugh on May 11, 2020
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I would ask him or her, what was the most challenging part of getting the culture to shift and how did you approach it?

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Dave Robinson on May 12, 2020
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I'd be inclined to ask them, "If you had to pick one thing that fostered trickle-down, rippling change across the organization which changed perspectives about what is valuable and what is not, what would you say that 'one thing' was in your experience?"

I subscribe to the perspective that ... there are many things that could be discussed, changed, managed, etc. However, there are usually a handful of key, top-down, things that ripple across entire organizations and facilitate/foster/nurture natural change.

For example, if I were to ask the financial industry, "What would you have to change in order to eliminate the requirement of 'wet signatures' everywhere in your ecosystem, what changes do you think it would require across your organization?"

Or, if I were to ask someone, "If you could only have one screen on your wall telling you the health of your organization, what would you watch?"

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Matthew D Edwards on May 20, 2020
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