Hi Everyone, We are looking to switch our conventions to an online format. We have Zoom, Webex, and MS Teams which all work for single meetings. We are looking for something that can bring a multiple meeting event all together with live streaming, video on demand (for recorded sessions), registration and maybe even a store. Does anyone have good experience with a vendor who does this? Thanks!

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Peter G Benedict on May 06, 2020 • 7 answer
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I recently took part in a virtual conference that had several parallel events - large group meeting, followed by breakouts which ran at the same time. Attendees would join the large meeting, then move to breakouts of their choosing when those virtual rooms would open up. The platform they used is called Hopin. Search for hopin or go to https://hopin.to/

It's an early access solution - not 100% GA yet. It's also not clear what the pricing model will be.
You can request early access and host a conference.

One thing I'm not sure about - if you host a virtual conference, how do you sell spots to sponsors? And how do you ensure that attendees get to pay attention to the sponsors? Perhaps you get the sponsors to pay for the platform fees, and then allow them to host their own breakout rooms.

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MICHAEL GAUTHIER on May 06, 2020
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I have one of my companies using Attendease and happy with how little technical expertise is needed. They walked them through all of the design work and setup tasks. The other recommendation I've gotten, but haven't investigated yet, is Engagevr.io They appear to have a more extensive solution, but would likely require the requisite internal knowledge to fully utilize.

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John Havener on May 06, 2020
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We have been using Cisco Webex since it supports all of the functionality you have described and is also secure. We have also conducted and recorded our Board meetings on this platform for all those that have been displaced by remote working environments.

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Todd Bonnett on May 06, 2020
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We are looking at using MS Teams as we can do PI planning (SAFe) really easy with different breakout rooms and channel specific document storage and recording and integration of soooo many tools.... Why do you not use this tool since it seems that you have that already

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Jay J Keller on May 06, 2020
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Hi Peter - I'm reading this from an event planner's perspective. Our in-person events (example - the Utah IT Symposium) uses Bizzabo for our registration engine and website. The other cool thing is they have rolled out a virtual event product that seems to be very powerful. The reason we like the tool is that you can have multiple breakout rooms and presentations taking place at one time. There are also areas for sponsors, networking, social feeds, and the registration form can all be integrated. I believe there are also options for having a store. OKTANE LIVE 2020's event website was really well done. If you have a relationship with an OKTA rep, you might ask about that. Otherwise, I might be able to find more information for you if you'd like.

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Caleb Reimers on May 06, 2020
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Similar to Jay above, we have been using MS Teams quite successfully for our collaborative space and meetings. We use it for our PI Events as well, in addition to larger meetings with extra meeting space scheduled when we have break out sessions.

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Ken Smith on May 07, 2020
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I'm not sure what platform it is on, but the VMware virtual events are great. They have a lobby and several breakout rooms, plus an expo hall where vendors can set up a virtual booth and have chats with folks that stop in the booth. They are by far the closest thing to attending a conference in person.

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Herb Kraft on May 07, 2020
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