Is anyone using an email tracking tool plug-in with Outlook?

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Daniel Koch on Apr 23, 2020 • 1 answer
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We use a 3rd party tool for our marketing emails that works good for the most part but during COVID we've found the desire to reach out to existing customers regularly. The downside of our current tool is that it generates emails that look like marketing material. Plus, if a Division President wants to send an email he has to go through Marketing. Consequently we're looking for an Outlook plug-in that would allow authorized users to generate an email to a large # of participants (around 500) right from Outlook AND be able to see stats after the fact as to how many opened the email and how many opened an attachment. We're considering ContactMonkey and BananaTag for Outlook so far. Any experience with those or something else? Many thanks!


I don't have an answer yet but we are at a similar decision spot but for us it's internal email. We have an outsourced solution for our customer facing material. But it's a distraction to use them for internal / targeted stuff. Our communications team is evaluating
• Bananatag
• SalesHandy
• Hubspot

I will let you know what they decide on.

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Eric Herbert on Apr 23, 2020
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