With the vast amount of companies now either shuttered or working remote, is your IT Group getting any special recognition or support from the company leaders or your workforce in general?

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Dave Robinson on Apr 07, 2020 • 21 answer
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In general IT never gets any recognition until things go sideways. That being said, we are VERY sideways right now and I would say that more than 50% of the people responding to emails, etc generally thank us for what we do, how we have made it easy for them to WFH.

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Tim Kiteley on Apr 07, 2020
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IT has received recognition on an individual basis by much of our organization and has been specially thanked by our Executive Team as a whole, individually, and called out directly by our CEO.

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Jon Heseman on Apr 07, 2020
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Well, with about 3/4 of our users working remote at any given time due to this pandemic, it is pretty quiet. I still get the occasional extra "thank you" if we give them something extra to make their lives easier remote, but it has taken a while to get people to stop complaining about things I have no control over... Like their home internet speed!

Don't get me wrong, we have a pretty polite group so the words "Thank You" or "Thanks" do flow pretty often, but most of it is because people put it in their Signature line in Outlook. We did get a KUDOS from our CEO from feedback he had received, but his was for all the extras we purchased for the home office setups.

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Mike Chilcoat on Apr 07, 2020
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Similar answer. Sporadic thanks but for the most part it’s business as usual for IT. I’ve noted the effort when I have the opportunity but that’s it.

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Fred McClintock on Apr 07, 2020
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We have received substantial verbal and financial kudos from executive leadership for the insane effort and excellent results. But as you guys know with IT: yesterday's kudos don't echo long. We exhaled and relaxed but now we are starting to manage the pervasive back-and-forth issues that happen with this distributed IT footprint. "It's your ISP!"

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Eric Herbert on Apr 07, 2020
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Not until I get done writing this answer. My network team did a wonderful job getting our capacity increased and everything in place to allow about 2000 people to work remotely. They had additional laptops ready, wireless cards for desktop use at home, soft-phones, and WAPs ready to go. They did such a good job that I don't think anyone realized what all had to happen behind the scenes to make it happen. That's ok, we all know what would have happened if it hadn't gone smoothly.

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Chris Mann on Apr 07, 2020
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Our IT Director has received several kudos for the work our IT department is doing, which he passes along to those of us in the department.

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Mark Copeland on Apr 07, 2020
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Yes, our IT team has received a lot of appreciation and we appreciated our team members for adapting so well. There was always mutual appreciation between IT and all departments. The appreciation was pronounced during these unusual times.

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Chirag Shukla on Apr 07, 2020
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We went from a "no work from home" policy to 40% of the organization working full time at home. Our teams did an amazing job standing up a remote work environment and support processes for 400+ users within a week . The customer support has been fantastic. Our employees have been extremely appreciative, I get several emails/calls each week from all levels of the organization praising our staff . This group has stepped up. I make sure to communicate/share the praises.

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Richard Weissinger on Apr 08, 2020
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The entire IT team, Business Systems, Informatics and Operations has been recognized as being forward thinking, flexible and very responsive through this pandemic. The organization is operating at 99%, including our contact center. Extremely proud of my colleagues and team!

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Patrick Hinnant on Apr 08, 2020
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We gave $250.00 in a bonus for a few key people that made sure everyone could work remotely in all of our branches. We also gave SOAR points to many of the other IT team members.

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Julie Larson on Apr 08, 2020
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Absolutely!! I already had a strong relationship with the CEO and COO who I report to, but after this challenge they have been extremely complimentary. They both recognize that before our full digital transformation, the organization would have shut down and quite possibly their 73-year history could have suddenly came to an immediate halt. With our transformation, the organization didn't miss a beat moving from onsite one day to 100% remote the very next day with full call center capabilities of agents taking calls from their homes and our members not even able to tell the difference. I applaud the leadership's support in allowing us to build out our robust business contingency plans during our transformation; and appreciate their uncertainty of why it was necessary. But they definitely understand it now and who knows the next ask may not be as challenging now that they have seen first hand the positive impact the technology has had on their organization in this very unique time.

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Michael Smith on Apr 08, 2020
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We are an org of 500 with 6 IT staff. I would say we are not getting anything special but we are getting more thank you's when we help them. They need more hand holding being at home so they are appreciating the few extra minutes we assist them.
Now, one of our biggest detractors DID give us props last week and that I will take!!

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Craig J Wolf on Apr 08, 2020
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My IT team has received accolades for their work to get remote workers setup, who normally work from a desktop computer in the office. We have also been able to provide assistance remotely without missing a beat. We are definitely on the front lines and my company is very grateful and appreciative as demonstrated by their kind words and a newfound respect for what we do. IT is also gaining adoption for the technology, overnight, by the remote users without even trying. We are always the cool kids with the cool toys...well now all the users know and their world as well as their productivity just changed.

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Jana Branham on Apr 08, 2020
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We have 91% of our global workforce working from home. Our CEO has biweekly live video calls and acknowledges the hard work across all of the technology teams (we have ~20K IT people). Lots of praise internally on intranet and individual department recognition.

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Andy Roth on Apr 08, 2020
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I don't worry too much about 'the business' recognizing IT. They don't really understand what it takes to do what we do. But i still want my team recognized, so i just do it myself:).They need to know their efforts are appreciated. I've seen a lot of heroic work (which normally i don't like to see because i'd rather that type of thing isn't needed) and many roadblocks removed. The response has been amazing. They deserve recognition:).

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Peter G Benedict on Apr 08, 2020
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If your answer to this question is no or not really or some other less than "YES", look to your CIO / CTO / Executive team member and ask why. Ensuring recognition is their job just like appropriate budget and resource allocations, supplying the proper talent, and executing every IT element to deliver organization needs. Telling the right story at the right time is a critical leadership skill. Unfortunately the current crisis is revealing leaders versus title holders. Now is the time to ask title holders to lead, so ask why.

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Mike Lewis on Apr 08, 2020
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Our ELT has called out IT with thanks and appreciation with how quickly it all went and how well it is working. It was very nice for IT to get a pat on the back. What do they say? "In IT the best you can be is no trouble..."...

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Michael Belisle on Apr 08, 2020
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We have received recognition and thanks from our top executives in all staff announcements as well as from many of our staff as we helped them get running from home. Our ticket numbers increased by 50% in the month of March due to the amount of people needing to setup VPN, 2FA, Teams/Webex, and the like. It was very nice to be acknowledged as our team has certainly been as busy as ever during this crisis.

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Justin Johnson on Apr 08, 2020
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Our IT team have received many thanks due to our past preparations from last few years that allowed teams to transition to work from home with minimal disruptions. Examples being work from home policies, collaboration tools, VDIs, VPN, etc, all of which help enable our focus to giving employees the best success possible in these unprecedented times. I would say it has been appreciative to be thanked for the preparedness work done to make this transition go smoother, rather than thanks for firefighting efforts for bringing something online, which is historically where IT receives thanks.

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Ken Smith on Apr 09, 2020
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Much appreciation and thank you from many staff and peers. Unfortunately solving the work from home migrations are not always solvable by IT. For example, poor bandwidth ability at the home location. But, with all being said, I think recent events have leveled some recognition and appreciation for all.

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Gary Davis on Apr 09, 2020
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