Does anyone have good methods for remotely training IT call center people?

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David Shapiro on Apr 02, 2020 • 2 answer
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I have an IT Call center that handles a wide array of questions from our customers usually through remote support tools.. We normally have onboarding that is 3 weeks training on site. We want to reduce or eliminate the need for this so we are looking for ideas on how to have someone basically looking over the shoulder and listening on calls.


A company I used to work for was conducting this type of training through platforms like Zoom. They had a few designated trainers we could listen in on and watch via a screen share. Sometimes the trainer would talk through the problem. Other times there would be another trainer on the line explaining what was happening. All you would need is a few Pro Zoom accounts (or something similar) everyone else would join via the shared url.

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Eric Umoh on Apr 02, 2020
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We found Zoom can do this pretty seamlessly and are onboarding our first employee with this method Monday so we will see how it goes, thanks for the info.

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David Shapiro on Apr 04, 2020
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