Looking for a non-Draconian process to require factory employees to check email on a frequent basis, employees that aren't issued a computer for work, but could use kiosks set up for this.

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Eric Wagner on Apr 02, 2020 • 11 answer
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We have the challenge of communicating with our factory employees, as I'm sure other manufacturers, retail, and large distributors have. We're about to roll out emails to all factory employees, but need a way to incentivize them to read their email on a regular basis, and not force a Draconian edict through policy that they read their emails. Have you had success rolling this out?


Put an incentive in the email.

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Kerry McMurtry on Apr 02, 2020
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Eric, at my previous employer we had the same issue with our craft employees and implemented the following program. It did take a while to change the culture but eventually the employees began checking email more frequently.

Highlights of the program:
1. Remove or reduce roadblocks hindering access to email.
- How easy is it to locate a computer/device to check email.
- Query staff on their preference; may be quite different from what IT Leadership believes
2. Leverage SSO to reduce access barriers to email system
- Reduce frustration and login issues by utilizing SSO across enterprise applications such as HR, Payroll, Email, Intranet
- Utilize card access as an authentication, same card can be used for prox card, timesheet and computer access
3. Leverage a Company Portal
- Utilize a company portal as the jump location to company apps, reduce frustration for employees on finding or update links to company websites and resources
- Customize Portal based on employee role or type
4. Incentivize
- Develop program to reward the use of the company portal, prizes and company SWAG for staff to respond first, etc.
5. Tell the truth
- Ensure the message on why reading the email is important to the employee and the company

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Scott Bowden on Apr 02, 2020
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Great ideas Scott!

Kerry... what kind of incentive did you have in mind?

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Eric Wagner on Apr 02, 2020
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Hi Eric,

I think a bit more information would be beneficial to provide a better answer. Short of this, it's pretty simple to me. Either the communication is:
1. Relevant to them.
2. Not relevant to them.

If it's relevant, they'll read it. If it's not, why should they?

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Nick Vaernhoej on Apr 02, 2020
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I would suggest allowing them to get email on their personal phones. This allows access 24x7 and response if you need action will occur outside normal hours. If they are hourly workers, then you might get into a "pay me when I read an email" situation. We also implemented a tool called Dynamic Signal that is used to push out messages to everyone. There is a phone app and a website for viewing. Each employee opts in with any email address to receive the message. This has been especially helpful as we send out daily messages during Covid-19 event. Later, we will use it for company info, business unit info, etc that we want everyone to receive.

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Jana Branham on Apr 02, 2020
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The incentive is the first thing I thought of. Make it something like - everyone who reads the email by an established date gets their name placed into a drawing for a gift card. The incentive prize can be small. Keep the process simple & easy to understand. Don't forget to announce the prize winner(s) so everyone knows that the drawing took place.

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MICHAEL GAUTHIER on Apr 02, 2020
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As Michael alluded to: we had a need to have folks reply timely to some repeated messages and we put everyone who responded into a mail folder and then drew random names for a couple of $20 gift cards. We published winners to the population so they'd know to get involved for next time.

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Eric Herbert on Apr 02, 2020
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We have recently implemented using a mass SMS system to help communicate with our manufacturing workers. We sent out info on how to opt-in to the system via our digital displays and HR and Plant manager gave them some good reasons to want to opt-in. Participation has been over 80%.

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Rob Ward on Apr 02, 2020
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@Nick... great point!

@Jana & @Rob... I like the idea of a SMS or messaging app that they can subscribe to using any email/phone number of their choosing. Jana, your comment about "pay me when I read an email" has been discussed, and is a slippery slope.

@Michael & @Eric... thanks for the additional incentive ideas.

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Eric Wagner on Apr 02, 2020
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When you say email to your staff, is in individual emails or more of a mass broadcast? The call center we had, they put up a quite a few large screen monitors to broad cast information. Certain monitors were dedicated to certain groups. If individual messages then either SMS messages (as suggested) or figure out a way to incentivize ($100 bonus per month if you read all your messages or similar).

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Gary Merrifield on Apr 03, 2020
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@Gary, thanks for the feedback.

Yes, we do have monitors throughout the factories, but there are some communications that are just too long to be be displayed on a slide, or slides, on the monitor display system.This "long format" communication is what we're trying to disseminate, and is probably too long for an SMS message too.

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Eric Wagner on Apr 03, 2020
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