These are trying times for all. Hopefully when this is all over, people will realize that this was unintentionally a giant learning experience. It is an unnatural situation that forced the issue of

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Gonz Roman on Mar 26, 2020 • 1 answer
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remote connectivity for workers. Facing many organizations is a new challenge - managing remote teams. There is now a need for a different style of management and new measurements of productivity. What are the KPIs that measure productivity in this new Work From Home business environment? Organizations must adapt, and adapt quickly. One thing is certain - it is no longer business as usual.


Good evening all - I'll address the sentence before the KPI question. I'm not sure these times do require a different style of management. Do you coach staff members to help them solve their own problems, grow, and learn? Do you develop relationships with them, showing that you are interested in their success? If you've answered yes to both of these questions, why would you change? The time for autocratic managers has already passed, this current wrinkle may change the mode of interaction, video chat, but it should not change how you manage if you are already effective. As for KPI and measurement, if a team's work is value-driven, and that is the measure of success, again, I'm not sure this requires a lot of adjustment. At least, that's my opinion.

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Bob Stephan on Mar 26, 2020
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