I have seen questions about various tools to support work from home collaboration. How about processes? Has anyone added or tweaked project management processes to be more effective with WFH?

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Gary Hassenstab on Mar 24, 2020 • 2 answer
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Hi Gary. I’m not sure I understand what management processes would drive effectiveness? Overall, I believe WFH is a very fluid and open concept and that each worker has some unique parameters around about how they access and perform typical office functions from the home. That said, I believe that fewer processes, rules and oversight is better in this scenario. And there are some great and affordable technologies today that give people the ability to work remotely. The current crisis should drive a lot of companies to make sure they are maximizing this opportunity going forward.

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Dave Robinson on Mar 24, 2020
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Hi Gary, we have tweaked some processes. We reduced involvement of project management team in some projects to speed up processes. Our industry of insurance still uses paper a lot. We tweaked our process to send insurance documents electronically. Insurance also seems to have more of committee-based decisioning. With more WFH, we were able to substitute meetings with questions on Slack and that allowed faster decisions. Almost 40% of our staff worked remotely prior to coronavirus challenges. Now, almost all are working remotely. We relaxed our telecommuter agreement temporarily; other than that, all processes were WFH-friendly already.

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Chirag Shukla on Mar 24, 2020
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