What tips can you share to avoid cabin fever from the new work location called my home office?

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Dennis Ehrich on Mar 20, 2020 • 8 answer
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Looking for creative new ideas.


Get outside and take a walk each day, just keep a safe distance form others. The exercise helps clear my mind, and gets me out of the house. Also, take a drive somewhere on the weekend.

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Tom Marrs on Mar 20, 2020
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Can't help with that - we're still in the office - business as usual. I'll be looking forward to other answers for when that time comes that I get to stay at home. Good luck!

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Vicki Leinbach on Mar 20, 2020
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I’d suggest setting up “virtual coffee” sessions with any friends or close colleagues you have. We’ve started this in our organization using Microsoft Teams but you could use zoom or Webex etc with video feature. Just take 30 minutes out of the day and chat about anything outside of work. It helps to keep you feeling connected and not isolated.

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Daniel Gross on Mar 20, 2020
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Try to use video chat whenever possible. We've been remote all week and I'm finding more and more adoption by my coworkers. It's the next best thing to being in the same room for personal interactions and reading body language.

Also, I try to maintain your routine as close as possible as a normal work week. I still get coffee at the same time each morning and eat lunch on my normal schedule.

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Jason Sears on Mar 20, 2020
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I walk the dog twice a day, but my wife and I are adding mid-day walks. Also, even though we are working in the same small office, we are going together in the car to run errands. Feels like more of an outing.

I am trying to do Skype with teammates so we can see each other, and allowing for some personal interaction at the beginning of meetings. Note: some of the team won't accept video, I assume they are either working "casual" or the background of their office isn't presentable.

When the weather is fine, I am working from the back yard for a short time.

Some folks are sitting in their cars outside Starbucks or the library just to get a little change.

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Paul Apodaca on Mar 20, 2020
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Try to workout. Treat the home office as the work office. Have a business routine (go to the office, do not have the TV on, etc.), keep business hours, dress up if that will help you switch mindsets. Take your breaks as you do in the office where your mind can unplug from work.

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Antonio Marin on Mar 20, 2020
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This morning my team surprised me by all of them wearing halloween masks on the daily webex sync up! The rest of the day has been positive!
I think keeping a sense of humor, and talking/video conferencing with your team & peers is important! Doing deep work is important, but interaction with others may be more important during these WFH times.

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Chuck Winchester on Mar 20, 2020
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I am surprised that a few Scotch and Waters haven't been mentioned yet! Kidding aside, everybody is trying to fit into their new normal. I believe the challenges and the solutions will vary widely for everyone. But whatever level you used to "grind" in the office, you wont ever come close to that level working from home. So my advice is to take a deep breath, relax and do what you can do. I think you will find the "new" pace and the opportunity to perform more rewarding without the constant distractions from the office. Plus this is an extraordinary time to be able to clean and reorganize all those emails, files and records. Take advantage of it.

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Dave Robinson on Mar 20, 2020
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