What are your company's employees using to collaborate while working from home?

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Craig Fischer on Mar 20, 2020 • 9 answer
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Many of my company's employees are truly working from home for the first time now (as opposed to just checking e-mail or working on one assignment in the evening). Since no one is in the offices, collaboration is much different. We are looking at speeding up the rollout of Microsoft Teams and I'm curious what others are doing and what's working well. Thanks!


Microsoft Teams for us.

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Frank Kearney on Mar 20, 2020
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We leveraging MS Teams, and it's been going more smoothly than anticipated. I wish when you joined a meeting it would open in a separate window, so I can continue chatting with team members while also participating in a meeting (full screen.)

We do have a requirement for a much large meeting (500+ attendees) so we're exploring Teams Live as well as Zoom.

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Eric Wagner on Mar 20, 2020
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WebEx - MS Teams - VPN.

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Shane Thompson on Mar 20, 2020
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Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype.

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Ronald Schott on Mar 20, 2020
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We have several platforms available, as we are in the midst of rolling out Teams. Our employees are using Teams Chat, Skype, Zoom and simple phone calls.

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Amy McClellan on Mar 20, 2020
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We purchased all in-stock 15" Acer Chromebooks from nearby Walmart stores in NE and CO to perform the same-day rollout to any essential personnel who were on stationary setups with thin clients(RDS farms). For that, we use Acer Chromebook 15($169) and autodeploy Cato VPN client(our SD-WAN solution) and Xtralogic RDP on user login to present user desktops in the same way they were in the office environment.

Google Meet and Hangouts chat for texting, screen share, and video collab.

Hope it helps, although is looks like the majority uses O365 around here :)

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eugene prystupa on Mar 20, 2020
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We are using Skype for Business for normal communications but will switch to Microsoft Teams at some point.

We also use Cisco Webex for some meetings and have set up Zoom as well.

I was supposed to be on a Webex yesterday, but it failed due to high demand, so having a backup is helpful.

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Paul Apodaca on Mar 20, 2020
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We're using Teams along with our Mitel conference bridge that has screen share. So far it has been working well with a large spike in simultaneous users across the world.

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Mike Gratz on Mar 20, 2020
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We've been using Slack for communication, JIRA for ticketing/servicing, Zoom for conferencing.

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Chirag Shukla on Mar 21, 2020
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