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Invest in Staff Then Let Them Go

Many companies throw extra perks and benefits at staff with the goal of encouraging them to stay. That isn’t Chris Kreul’s strategy.

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Go to the profile of Dave Robinson
Dave Robinson 9 months ago

So simple and to the point, Chris!  Everyone should have this one in their playbook!

Go to the profile of Chirag Shukla
Chirag Shukla 9 months ago

I've had the honor of interacting with Chris and his staff. His staff is very committed behind projects and are always learning new things. They enjoy their jobs. They attract new talent. They have great respect for each other. They are very kind and approachable in meetups, conferences and in the community. I used to be a part of several meetups. With time-crunch, I had to pick and choose meetups to attend. The ones led by Chris's group were my first choice because his team members created a culture of togetherness. Great job, Chris!