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How To Make Your Team Visionaries Using Premortems

Want to increase your ability to correctly identify reasons for future outcomes by 30%! An article in Harvard Business Review said this doing premortems can do exactly that!

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Go to the profile of Gary Hassenstab
Gary Hassenstab 6 months ago

Tom, I just wrote up an executive summary of a premortem process I created for a large legacy modernization program.   I leveraged the paper by Gary Klein written back in 2007.   It was quite an eye-opener for a lot of people.   And, it turned out to be a pretty accurate predictor of the "gotchas" the program would experience.   I would be glad to share my facilitation approach with you if you are interested. 

Go to the profile of Tom Triumph
Tom Triumph 6 months ago

Hello Gary, Thank you for the kind comment. Excellent insights and applications! I'd very much welcome seeing your facilitation approach. Thank you in advance for sharing! I can be reached via email at Stay well and thanks again!! Kindest Regards, - Tom Triumph