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Here’s your chance for you and your team to win a $100 gift card and an IT Pack mug!

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Go to the profile of Dave Robinson
Dave Robinson 10 months ago

Great idea to encourage members to bring their teams onto IT Pack.  And a possible free "virtual" lunch too!

Go to the profile of John Evans
John Evans 10 months ago

Kinda hard to bring in 3 members, when there are two of us.

Go to the profile of Bri Berte
Bri Berte 10 months ago

No worries John we'll include you! Thanks for sharing with your team (no team is too small!)

Go to the profile of Gary Peyton
Gary Peyton 10 months ago

Congrats to Jack Lawrence with Wanzek Construction - you are the winner of the $100 giftcard. Be sure to check your email for your giftcard - and thank you so much for sharing the gift of IT Pack with your colleagues. We hope we can continue to be a helpful resource for you and your team!