What Is IT Pack?

IT Pack was created to virtually connect and build the next generation of IT Leaders.

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What is IT Pack? How is it different than other social content sites?

IT Pack is a closed community that connects future IT leaders across the US in a secure and “safe” environment. Here, leaders from all over the country learn from other's experiences and come together to collaborate.

This community focuses on IT leaders one, two, and three levels below the CIO (Chief Information Officer). We will have CIOs in the IT Pack also, but the focus will be providing information for the levels below. We truly want to be a driving force in helping to develop the next generation of leaders. If you have aspirations on growing knowledge and moving up in your company, then IT Pack is a perfect fit for you.

How do I help fellow IT Pack members get to know me?

The 5 best ways to help fellow IT Pack members get to know you are:

  1. Complete your profile so others know more about you than just your name

  2. Like and comment on content so others know what you’re interested in

  3. Ask questions of the Pack so we know what matters to you

  4. Start and join conversations in groups to share your views and connect with others

  5. Contribute a post, video or document to the Pack. Contact us at support@itpack.com to discuss your idea (we are always looking for contributors!)

👉🏼Find the answer to all of your questions by viewing our FAQs.

IT Pack gives you the opportunity to connect with peers, ask questions and receive new and relevant information, IT Pack is exactly what you need to stay connected right now!

Gary Peyton

President, IT Pack

Co-Founder of EFM, Inc. 19 years ago. We now have 31 events in 28 states that reach over 8,000 IT Executives. The Symposiums do a great job helping to connect executives locally. It has a been a wish of mine to be able to connect people across state lines and allow everyone to learn from others experiences. This is what IT Pack will do. We want to make difference and leave a legacy of helping people across the U.S. IT Pack will allow us do that.
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