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Do You Miss it?

Shockingly, it’s been over two years since I retired from the FBI. Whether it’s during one of my presentations, book signings, or meetings, I always get asked, “Do you miss the FBI?”

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Dave Robinson 12 months ago

I really enjoyed reading Scott’s comments on his retirement.  I am a retire CIO as well and I often find myself telling others the same things as Scott.  But being a “Technology Tribal Elder” these days doesn’t feel the same as when I was a young boy and looked up to adults.  Today’s professionals seem to discount (or just ignore) the lifetime of knowledge and experiences of the “Boomer” generation.   Big mistake in my opinion!   But a huge opportunity for those of you willing to learn from others who have been there and done that!


In so many ways, this is the primary reason why I am an enthusiastic supporter of IT Pack.  Within this virtual community of experienced IT Professionals, members will not have to guess or reinvent the wheel in order to find success.  Think about that for a minute!  There are probably very few challenges that you are facing today that others have not already experienced.  Wouldn’t you want to hear and learn about their experience?   Learn what works and what doesn’t?  Learn how to avoid fatal mistakes?  Learn how to enhance your career?  And the list goes on.  Welcome to IT Pack!  I encourage everyone to take advantage of the wealth of experience in our membership. And tell your colleagues to join too!

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Gary Peyton 12 months ago

Great comments and input from both of you.  We are blessed to have both of you involved in IT Pack.   It's these types of conversations that I think will help IT practitioners across the country, whether they are looking to grow their careers, or just get better at their job.  As I look at the last 19 years of building events, I am extremely proud of the number of people we have been able to connect, so they can collaborate.  I feel IT Pack will take us to places we will never be able to touch with events.  Five years from now we are all going to look back and be proud of the fact that we were part of launching something that has become very valuable to the IT community.