The Super Bowl of Cybercrime

In a time where our world is filled with turmoil and chaos, it sometimes takes a common phenomenon to bring us all together. That’s right; I’m talking about Sunday Funday, The Big Kahuna, The Championship of Commercials, and The Final Countdown.

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Dave Robinson 10 months ago

Another great article by Scott Augenbaum!  I am always amazed how slow companies and people are to adopt Two Factor Authentication.  Most banks and other financial institutions require it.   And there is good reason that they do!  In today’s cyber world, 2FA is a simple and effective way to greatly increase your security position.  At the same time, I am always reminding people that information security is one area that you do not want to try to do yourself.  Partner with a national expert who specializes in Cyber Security such as FishTech Group.   Don’t rely on your staff or a generalist IT Support firm to completely protect you.  Finally, it just makes sense for every organization to have some type of Cyber Liability Insurance.  These products are getting better every year with affordable and expanded coverage.   Plus most Board of Directors understand the need and value of risk management products for the organization.  Good luck and stay safe!