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Iran vs. You: Part II

We know the Iranians are angry about the assassination of their number two guy in their government, motivating them to take action. We also know they have the means to induce great harm. But do they have the courage or nerve to make a direct strike against the United States?

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Dave Robinson about 1 year ago

Thanks Scott.  A great reminder that we all need to stay alert and not allow ourselves to get complacent to the continuously growing cyber threats.  Sadly, I think many people are adjusted to the new norm and don't stay diligent as they should.   This is one critical area where you should not travel alone.  Everyone needs to be aligned with a high quality security firm who can help your team oversee and protect your operation.  Nothing will ruin your day faster that learning that you have been breeched!  

Please share with us if you are using a security partner and tell us who and why you like them.  And also let us know if your company has a cyber insurance policy.