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The Best CIOs Master 4 Keys to Communication

Communication is the CIO’s most essential skill. Think about it: What do CIOs do? The wisecrack answer would be, “sit in a lot of meetings”. A more serious answer is, “The CIO shapes an IT strategy that directs technological talent and resources for the entire organization.”

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Go to the profile of Gary Hassenstab
Gary Hassenstab about 1 year ago


Go to the profile of Dave Robinson
Dave Robinson about 1 year ago

Great piece by Dan Roberts!  I would encourage all IT Pack members to take these key points of communiction to heart and incorporate them into your everyday practice.  You will be very glad you did!

Go to the profile of Bill Nixon
Bill Nixon 12 months ago

Great article. I especially like the focus not just on CIOs, but the Technology Leaders, and the statement "Leadership is about inspiration." Technology leaders needs to engage and encourage the curious, whether the curious are inside or outside of the technology organization. Those curious are the advocates for using technology to advance business value.