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Podcast Episode #2 - Full Interview with VP & CIO Randy Epright

‘Get Things Done, but Do Things Right’. For the next episode of the Pack Podcast, we interviewed VP & CIO with Athene Holding Ltd. about his experience in the world of IT. Listen to what all he had to say here.

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Dave Robinson about 1 year ago

Thank you Kelly.  I agree that moving to cloud offers both new value and new risk.  I am not sure why so many executives teams seem to jump to the conclusion that its a sure bet.   Probably due to the fact that Cloud Providers market like mad and internal IT doesn't.   There is great value in cloud services if you do it right, especially for organizations behind the technology curve or those with small staffs.  In either case, the lesson is to do the proper and thorough due diligence before you decide to hand off a part of your organization to any third party.