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Micro-Managers Anonymous

“Please micromanage me,” said no employee, ever. I’ve been following a variety of job- and career-related surveys over the past several years, and something big comes to mind from the data. People don’t leave their jobs, they leave their managers.

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Go to the profile of Gary Hassenstab
Gary Hassenstab about 1 year ago

Good article, and on a problem that I seeing spreading based on generational differences. IMO, there are just enough nuances that the bigger the gap between manager and team member, that uncertainty grows.   And, then lack of trust results.  Not mistrust, but lack of trust.  I think a "cure" is the recognition, and then the discipline of the manager to be uncomfortable at times, and create a truly effective management/leadership habit to recognize and then step away from the micro-management approach.  

Go to the profile of Dave Robinson
Dave Robinson about 1 year ago

Great piece.  People are often very blind to the fact that they are mirco-managers.  If anyone has a good story or suggestions on how to help these people become more effective leaders, I know the Pack would love to hear form you.  Please share your story!

Go to the profile of David Thibodeaux
David Thibodeaux 10 months ago

Fantastic piece!  I was once told by a senior NCO in the Army that there are 2 reasons that people micro-manage.  First because you let them and secound because they feel the need.

Go to the profile of Bob Tipton
Bob Tipton 10 months ago

Thanks, David!