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The Taboo Type of Cybercrime No One Talks About

Cybercrime. When you think of this word what comes to mind? Online identity theft perhaps; maybe even a big data breach? It seems when we think of the crimes that happen beyond our phone, tablet, and computer screens, we think of the bad guys taking our money. But this isn’t where it ends.

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Dave Robinson about 1 year ago

Great article and very scary as well.  Scott highlights so many great points about the many unknown cyber risks to our kids and ourselves in today’s hyper-connected world.   I don’t have any great answers to these expanding threats.  But I strongly agree with Scott that education is essential for everyone.  And education with our children at an early age is critical.   The Internet is not going away and we must not only teach our children how to navigate the threats, but also how to sift through and recognize the ocean of misinformation online today.   Today, I am much more skeptical of almost anything I read or see online.   Perhaps my position came from a life of experience within IT.   I am still a believer in the freedom of information and the seemingly limitless world at our fingertips.  But like any tool, the person using it must be properly trained in order to use if correctly and not harm themselves or others.