IT Pack Intel: Weekly Must-Reads 7.12.19

If you’re like most of your peers in IT, you have a hard time keeping up with all the interesting and thought-provoking reading you should be doing. We know: It’s hard to take time to think outside of your four walls, the projects you’re leading, and the never-ending priorities you’re tackling.

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Gary Hassenstab over 1 year ago

Brian, thanks for an interesting set of topics and articles.  An article I recently read that I thought was enlightening was Nimble Leadership from the recent Harvard Business Review edition.  Gary H.

From the Executive Summary:

Nobody really recommends command-and-control leadership anymore. But no fully formed alternative has emerged. So mature companies often struggle to balance the need for innovation with the need for discipline.

The authors studied two exceptions: the new-product-development stars PARC and W.L. Gore. Both companies, they learned, have three distinct types of leaders. Entrepreneurial leaders, found at lower levels, create new products and services and move their firms into unexplored territory. Enabling leaders, in the middle, make sure the entrepreneurs have the resources they need. And architecting leaders,near the top, monitor culture, high-level strategy, and structure.