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What Happened When I Stopped Using the Word “Busy”

What if I told you that you could be more relaxed, more focused, more calm – and actually discover more time in your day – without using any drugs, alcohol, counseling, diet, exercise program or mediation technique? Would you believe me?

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Go to the profile of Dave Robinson
Dave Robinson 10 months ago

What a great idea and novel way to take control back for yourself.   I read and reread Bob’s suggestion about removing “Busy” from my vocabulary.  I know so many people who always say they are “Busy” all the time.   At first I didn’t think that this was an issue for me.  But after further reflection, I decided it just might be.  So I am taking Bob’s advice and changing my attitude and my description towards my daily task.   Lets see how it goes!

Go to the profile of Bob Tipton
Bob Tipton 10 months ago

So -- Dave -- how's it gone for you so far?