EFM Events is an event production company that has been producing one-day, executive-level IT conferences for 18 years.  We pride ourselves on building strong relationships in the communities we are in, delivering events that truly help connect executives and provide best practice, real-life experiences everyone can learn from.  We are also one of the only event production companies that invests in the communities we are in.  In 2018 we left behind over $800,000 to fund local initiatives.    

Our events are designed to bring together CIOs and their management teams into an environment that encourages collaboration throughout the day, with the hope that it will continue outside of the conference all year long. The conferences also provide an opportunity for IT executives and vendors to connect and collaborate in a very casual environment.

Watch the recaps from some of our latest events:

  • Iowa IT Symposium in Des Moines, Iowa.
  • Kansas City IT Symposium in Kansas City, Kansas.
  • Minnesota IT Symposium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Central CT SIMConnect in Hartford, Connecticut.
  • Boston Technology Leadership Summit in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Siouxland IT Symposium in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
  • Grand Rapids IT Symposium in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  • Arkansas IT Symposium in Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • Mississippi IT Symposium in Jackson, Mississippi.